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Life goes by fast. Let's capture the magical moments for lasting memories


We capture the "Kodak Moments" while you are at special events, the park or an evening dinner with family and friends.

"The Se


My Story


Photography has always been my way of showing the world things the way I see them. I'm naturally a very observant person and I'm always looking for that next magical photo moment.  I've realized  that the most amazing photos are of families enjoying life. Having a family of my own I realized how many of these moments were missed because I was in the moment and didn't have a way of capturing it.

 I made the decision to combine my Passion for photography with the opportunity of helping families build magical memories.

My Experience


In my many years of photography I've had the opportunity of capturing many beautiful nature scenes, babies, seniors, places and just about everything in between.  My favorite photos are those of my family and friends. What I realized is the value of the photos that were missed and can never be captured again.  

What makes BetterNotBlink different is we capture the moment as it's taking place. Our specialty is capturing the everyday person in their everyday life. If you are looking to capture those magical moments while allowing all the family and friends to enjoy the event, the you want BetterNotBlink.

My Photos


Just like most of my photos are for my personal pleasure to enjoy and share as I want.  The photos we take for you are just that...for you...and for you to do with as you desire.

Please see my portfolio for examples of my work.

Our Services

Event Photography


Whether we're working from a list of must-haves you created or drawing on our experience, we'll make sure we get the perfect shot every time. We can capture the moments we know you'll want so your event is perfectly preserved.

Session Photography


After choosing a shoot location, we will visit it ahead of time to design a shoot plan. Then we'll spend time walking with you through the site asking questions. And if the site is new to us, we'll take test photographs. Family, groups, and children are our specialty.

Professional Head Shots


Working in our studio or your workplace, we will photograph a collection of head shots for you to use for professional profiles and bios, audition packets, or employment websites like LinkedIn. Let us capture your professional best.

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